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will be the background check compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey. it's a bipartisan plan that has triggered new moment on capitol hill although the future is far from over. welcome to "morning joe." we have sam stein with us this morning. former director of the white house domestic policy council and ceo of melanie barnes solution. melanie barnes. and willie geist. mike barnicle. and the host of politics nation and president of the national action network, reverend al sharpton. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> it really is a big day and you can't overstate the compromise and the power of the compromise that joe manchin and pat toomey have put together. here are two conservatives. manchin without a doubt the most conservative in the senate. pat toomey for my money' i've said it all along, one of the true conservatives in the u.s. senate from pennsylvania. it bears repeating. while the rest of the party jumped off the cliff when bush was president, toomey remained conservative and voted against a medicare drug benefit plain and he got elected in pennsylvania, a blue stat
're going to have senator marchy and senator toomey here with a proposal on background checks. you said you were going to filibuster the debate on guns. will you now continue to filibuster, as these various bills come up and why? >> well, we're on the bill now, and hopefully we can get into an open amendment process. for example, i hope we can pass an amendment to the bill that says we're going to start prosecuting people who ill leally are trying to buy guns and get around the background checks. i hope we can have a debate on violence in this country. i don't think there's enough focus on the violence, which is the fundamental problem that we face. i also think it's important to protect the rights of americans, of law-abiding americans to posecret firearms have a the second amendment which is a constitutional right. i didn't write the constitution. that's in in there. any time you're going to do anything that touches upon that you have to provide a very high standard. my issue is i hope we can can broaden it and deal with pentald health and prosecutions of those who are criminals will but
democrat's joe machin, who along with republican pat toomey is sponsoring a bill to extend background checks. believe it or not, the legislation has passed its first a filibuster.past charles, what are the chances of this bill passing? >> i think we will get some extension of background checks and they will try to haveome arane there will not be a national registry. it will be a very, very small change. nothing like what people had envisioned after newtown, which was going to be a ban of certain weapons and on large clips of ammunition. i think -- considering what the ambitions were at the beginning -- it is something of a debate. >> lois, where do we go from here? >> we have a lot of debate on both sides of the floor. both sides have vowed to add amendments that will go nowhere, such as revisiting the ban on automatic weapons. i agree with charles. 86% of the american people want extended background checks and i think that is all that are going to get. " still, the american people are for this. is it just possible the power of public opinion and the emotional impact of the families o
the floor. senators joe manchin an dpat toomey announced done background checks expansion yesterday. -- and pat toomey. the senate will vote on whether to move forward with gun legislation later today. this is 18 minutes. >> good morning. i'm going to be covering up some people's phones here. i hope i don't -- let me just say good morning to all of you. i'm very, very proud to be here with my good friend, pat toomey, from my sister state of pennsylvania and west virginia we're side by side. we come from states that have deep-rooted cultures, as you know, and we believe very strongly in that. i also want to give special thanks to two people who weren't here today who have been invaluable to this process and have worked from the beginning trying to find common ground and that is senator chuck schumer, my good friend, mark kirk. mark has never left. chuck and his staff and all of them that worked so hard, i thank everybody. the staffs do yeomen's job. i also want to thank tom coburn. tom has been invaluable to the process. also coming from the culture we come from and have great input
at mark pryor. he represents all three. meanwhile, take a look at a kirk or even pennsylvania's pat toomey, the republicans who have signed on to the background check compromise. they represent blue states with large urban populations, where the idea of gun control is very popular. by the way, three endangered senate democrats from red states who are up in 2014 did vote to move forward with the didn't. montana's max baucus has already made it clear, though, he's against the bill. for congress watchers, 68 votes to proceed the debate was a startlingly high number for the newtown families who spent the week lobbying their senators, it was a wake-up call about what's considered functional in washington. >> i was very pleased with how many yeses we did have and happy that we were able to get this passed, but i was still completely shocked that there were so many who were still against this and who still believe that we don't need to be heard, that newtown doesn't deserve a vote and that nothing needs to be done. >> so where does the gun debate go from here? late yesterday, manchin and toomey r
toomey would expand background checks on gun shows and online sales. it includes easing restrictions on interstate gun sales. >> you can pass all the laws that you want and the criminal element is going to sit back and smile. >> background checks include broad polls and in washington it's still in limbo. more action on the national mall this time on gun control. we have shooting victims later this morning who are laying to lay out a memorial to people who have been killed in gun violence. their aim here is to get lawmakers not just about voting on these issues but to really feel the impact. tracie potts, thank you in washington, d.c. vice president joe biden will discuss gun control and gun safety as well. connecticut's new gun control laws are apparently to blame for one gun manufacturer's plan to leave the state and with others threatening to follow as well. the 20 to 50 employees will follow to the new location, which has not yet been announced. they posted on facebook, the new gun measures trample on citizens's rights. they can no longer survive in the former constitution state a
for later this morning after senators joe manchin and pat toomey suggested a compromise on background checks. both conservatives and liberals are criticizing the budget plan. speaker boehner said he's impressed with parts of the plan. is this the first step towards an agreement? we're just hours away from a vote on a gun violence bill in the senate. it will allow the debate to begin on the senate floor. it will be the background check compromise from senator joe manchin and toomey. it does not call for checks between family members and neighbors. bipartisan compromise is giving legislation new life. they both have a ratings from the nra. they say it's the right thing to do. >> i'm a gun owner. and the rights that aren sidelined in the second amendment are very important to me personally. my record shows this. i've got to tell you candidly i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. i think it's just common sense. if you pass a criminal background check you get to buy a gun. it's no problem. it's the people who fail, criminal or mental health background check we don't want
're trying to stop crazy people and outlaws from getting their hands on rapid firing guns. pat toomey, joe manchin. nothing big city about either of these guys. they don't care if you drink giant 16 ounce cokes. they don't want their kids being shot at by nuts waving semiautomatic assault rifles. the kind our soldiers use in afghanistan and on some other war fronts. pat toomey and joe manchin are now in the process as i said, maybe the posse will grow to the 60 senators we need to get the deal they struck the deal on, voted on. that's the idea. because without a vote in the senate, john boehner and the house will be sure to keep the house from voting on gun safety. so tonight let's find out if our democracy is going to have a chance of working. think about it. 92% of the country wants background checks. that means 92 senators out of 100 senators in that body should be ready to at least vote on the matter. senator john tesh is a democrat from montana. he joins us from the capitol. i want to show this first of all, senator. senators joe manchin and pat toomey are your colleagues. their propo
new robo calls praising senators joe mansion and pat toomey for their bipartisan compromise. >> i'm mark kelly, combat veteran, astronaut and most importantly, husband to my brave wife, gabrielle giffords. i'm calling to thank your senator, pat toomey for working across party lines, to sponsor critical legislation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, by expanding background checks. >> good day, i'm chris cillizza in washington, secretary of state john kerry has arrived in seoul, south korea today, warning north korean leaders not to test-fire a medium-range missile. the musudan has the range of up to 2500 miles, with the potential to hit japan and guam tmt comes as pentagon intelligence estimates say for the first time, that pyongyang is capable of delivering nuclear-armed missiles, an assertion that secretary kerry has pushed back against. andrea mitchell is traveling with the secretary. andrea? >> hey, chris, that pentagon intelligence report is the first official assessment that north korea might actually have a nuclear-armed missile. but they hasten
manchin of west virginia, republican pat toomey on the deal nobody loves but might embrace. and one of the republicans' promising faces is all in, marco rubio on whether he can coax into supporting immigration reform. and the politics of tragedy, a 2016 republican reaching out beyond the party base and the president's budget, does he want a grand compromise or a big midterm campaign issue all with our political panel. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." >>> secretary john kerry made a final stop in asia today meeting with japanese leaders and urging north korea to bring their nuclear rhetoric to a peaceful end. >> hopefully north korea will hear our words and recognize that for the future of its people and for the future stability in the region as well as on the peninsula itself there is a clear course of action that they are invited to take. >> joining me now arizona senator john mccain. senator, when you put this in context of the history of north korea with the grandfather kim jong-un, with the father of kim jong-un, can you tell me whether this is more serious, l
just a short time ago and that he has authored with senator toomey, we can choose a bipartisan commonsense measure. not everything that i would hope be in a background check measure but a genuinely important improvement on current law. we know background checks have worked on the 60% of sales where they've been applied because they've stopped about 2 million felons and other dangerous people who are prohibited by law from buying weapons to actually go into stores and purchase them. now, i understand the argument that we need more prosecutions and existing laws need to be enforced more vigorously, and as a prosecutor i'm very sympathetic toward that argume argument, and i will support zealously more resources and even better management to result in more prosecutions. we need to enforce existing laws more effectively, but that goal should not stop us from improving those laws, especially when law enforcement itself, our police and prosecutors at every level -- state, federal, local -- urge us to improve those laws to enable them to prosecute more of the dangerous people who use g
the senate to do something common sense. >> senator joe manchin is the democrat partner with pat toomey. the west virginia pled with republican colleagues and handful of conservative democrats to help him reach the 60 votes. >> i understand the political stakes for my colleagues. i sim thyself and understand it. >> yet the national rifle association blocked the reform with the key line of attack. >> manchin-toomey would not have stopped newtown. people who steal guns don't submit to background checks. >> it came down to a word for him. montana. meaning that demdeps in swing states are not on board yet. >> you had five democrats who voted no including senator reid. >> he voted no in the end because that enables him to bring it back up. republicans also noting a republican alternative on this, better background checks was blocked by democrats. >> thank you. >> bret: the dow lost 138 today and s&p 500 was down . nasdaq fell 60. still ahead, new concerns over the bird flu. first, the father of one of the benghazi terror attack victims is answers. - demanding answers. she immediately triaged
to buy it from senator toomey in pennsylvania, and he has a gun for sale and i want to buy it. the law today for me to by enter state, from west virginia to pennsylvania. mr. toomey would have to send that firearm to a licensed dealer in west virginia and i have to have a background check done before i can take possession of that. so we're not creating new law. all we're seeing is if you go to a gun show there will be background checks for all guns. if you buy on the internet there will be a background check where it's in state or out of state. this is basically a criminal and a mental background check. a criminal and a mental background check. and that criminal and mental brown check is you have to have been found guilty by a court that you are a criminal or found mentally insane by a court. that you should not be able to buy a gun. that's all. so all this talk is just falsehood. if you're a law-abiding gun owner, a proud gun owner and like shooting and go hunting with your friends and family, we do not infringe on any individual transfer. so if it's not a commercial transaction, indi
by senators pat toomey and joe manchin. senator chuck schumer agreed not to appear when the two rolled o out the deal, because toomey didn't want to stand next to them, for political reasons. senator mark kirk, also co-sponsor of the compromise also agreed not to appear. at the news conference, toomey and manchin said all parties, including the nra, had been in the room. >> i've got to tell you, candidly, i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. >> we've taken all sides into consideration. have the nra sitting there, all people on all sides of the gun issue. >> have the nra sitting there, which then confirms exactly what we've been hearing about what happened two nights ago. while it was clear from the outset the nra would not support the bill, the question was, would they oppose it? well, now we've got an answer. being at the table did not stop the nra from releasing this letter it sent to senators after dinner last night. "the nra is unequivocally opposed to s. 649. in addition, the nra will oppose any amendments offered to. 649 that restrict fundamental second amendm
check proposal before the senate, a measure crafted by senators toomey, manchin, kirk and schumer, achieves both goa goals. this bipartisan measure would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals by requiring background checks for private gun sales at gun shows and over the internet. it strengthens existing instant check system by encouraging states to put all their criminal and mental health records into the national instant background check system, a step supported by gun rights groups. and it would establish a national commission on mass violence to study all causes of mass violence in our country, school safety, mental health, video games, whatever is appropriate should be looked into. mr. president, the legislation has the backing of the citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms, has 650,000 members. the second largest guns rights group in the nation. and on this proposal, background checks, the national rifle association's not being very talkative. why, mr. president? because they've supported this measure in the path. and while they're not publicly supp
to meet, republican from tennessee, and senator manchin. senator toomey from pennsylvania and senator manchin from west virginia, a democrat. the citizens committee for the rights to keep and bear arms to other amendments dealing with banning assault weapons, conceal carry permits and hide ammunition clips expected to come up with what is expected to be a weeks long to be. see live coverage this morning at 10 a.m. eastern right here on c-span2. live now to the national press club where the detainee treatment task force is releasing its findings this morning after a two-year investigation. this is just getting under way. >> recognized experts in law, medicine and ethics. the group includes conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats. and you can find her biographical information in the press kit and in the report itself. the constitution project is enormously grateful to the members of the task force for their diligence, dedication, time and courage. they all contribute a remarkable expertise and stake their considerable personal and professional reputation to produce this re
remarks from pat toomey and joe manchin who are on the floor talking to colleagues. even taking questions, according to our reporters there and working to secure the need background check. just within the last 48 hours, senators who were undecided on how they would vote have been standing their ground, if you will, this morning. north carolina kay haguan, a red state democrat who had been on the fence said they will be a yes. saying, as a mother, there is nothing more important to me than protecting our children. but republican senator lindsey graham came out as a no saying it is not a solution to illegal gun violence. instead of expanding a broken back ground check system, let's fix it. and susan collins became the latest to back the bill and heidi is now refuting a new york time story that claims she will be a no. saying that she is right now undecided. that leaves seven senators, four democrats and three republicans who are still on the fence. and by the latest nbc count, it is six votes shy of passage to come today or tomorrow or wednesday. the vote is expected to be so tight that sen
, this afternoon senators joe manchin and pat toomey will send hours on the senate floor making themselves available for colleagues to ask questions about their amendment. >> pat and i will start on the floor tomorrow around 2:00, 2:30 and we'll talk about the bill and go through it line by line, section by section. every misnomer out there, every falsehood that we can talk about. >> maine senator susan collins became the latest republican to publicly support the background check compromise, describing the bill to nbc as this, quote, a responsible break-through from two people who have far better nra rankings than i have. collins is up for re-election and under attack from gun rights groups. on sunday senator john mccain all but endorsed manchin-toomey. >> i'm very favorably disposed towards that. 80% of the american people wanting to see a better background checks procedure. >> but according to an early whip count that our own casey hunt is putting together, right now we have 53 senators in support of manchin-toomey, 36 opposing and 11 unknowns. as it stands right now, the maximum support
on expanded background checks put forth by senators joe manchin of west virginia and pat toomey of pennsylvania. the vote was 54 for, 40 votes against. we'll bring you that as it happens. let's begin, however, with the latest on the investigation into the boston bombings. clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler. james cavanaugh is a retired atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms special agent in charge. let me start with clint. i want to run through the evidence with you. we have now not a suspect, but there is a picture of someone putting down that bag. we know it involved a pressure cooker from yesterday and a circuit board. we know from today it involved a battery pack. where are we? what's it all add up to now as you see it, clint? >> number one, we've got a lot of good forensic evidence. i've had the good fortune to work with them before on cases. between the fbi and atf there's probably no better lab. as jim will tell you, when a bomb goes off, it may get blown to bits, but those are bits that we can recover. that his agency and the fbi can put together. they can understand t
partner in pat toomey to help get background checks bill that would get bipartisan support through the senate. they opened up debate. we'll have debate next week. lots of patting on the back. there are a number, half-dozen or so vulnerable senate democrats who are unlikely to vote for any final legislation just because they voted to begin debate. doesn't mean they will end it or vote for the final product. then i want still has to go to house. as you point out you have republicans there who are very, very conservative. they are from conservative districts and there's not a lot of reason for them to pass anything on gun laws. it will be a much tougher road for them to hoe on the house side. >> convincing people to get on board this beyond bringing it up for debate. on tuesday we know that gabrielle giffords and mark kelley will be at the capitol and mark kelley has been making robo calls to support toomey and manchin. >> i'm calling to thank your senator, pat toomey, for working across party lines to sponsor critical legislation to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the men
- control. it is common sense. senator patns toomey of pennsylvania. our question for this first segment of "washington journal." the senate votes to bed on the gun control debate. if you want to call with an gun control.oday on you can continue the conversation on our facebook page. you can send us a comment on twitter, or send an e-mail. annie is the capitol hill producer for c-span. she sent this e-mail and it gives a precise explanation on what is going to happen. we will start by reading what is going to happen today. the senate adjourned last night at 6:45 p.m. will occur --te occur at 11:00 a.m. today according to harry reid. at 9:30 a.m., the senate will be in to considered the motion on the firearms bill. at 11:00 a.m., the senate will take a closer look on the motion to proceed for the firearms bill. 60 votes are needed to cut off debate and advance the bill. if 60 votes are achieved, there 30 hour debate followed by a vote on the motion to proceed before the senate can get to the action to proceed. done throughe unanimous consent. if there is even one of a section on the repub
forged by democrat joe mancion and republican pat toomey and one of the mothers of the newtown vict imides gave the weekly radio address for president obama. on the sports front, an aussie won the masters, adam scott beating out cabrerra took two holes of overtime to do it but adam scott pulled it out. it was an exciting weekend and week ahead. wall comp it all here on the "full-court press" with you on current tv. (vo) this afternoon, current tv is the place for compelling true stories. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. >> this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines, way inside. (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. we have a big big hour and the iq will go way up. (vo) current tv gets the converstion started weekdays at 9am eastern. >> i'm a slutty bob hope. >> you are. >> the troops love me. (vo) tv and radio talk show host stephanie miller rou
today by senators joe manchin and pat toomey. it's simply designed to expand background checks to cover gun shows and internet sales. the cost of the deal, apparently, private person-to-person sales, which will still be exempt from background checks. the nra was a, quote, near constant presence in the room as manchin and toomey worked out the details and toomey would prefer you not even refer to it as gun control. >> i don't consider criminal background checks to be background checks, it's just kmons. >> see that, that is the power of the center. the center gets to be common sense, which is good. everything else is defined as politics, which is bad. now, narrow as this background check may be when put up against a staggering problem of gun violence in this country, it's still a remarkable think. even just six months ago, a bipartisan gun safety bill of any kind would have been unthinkable. there has not been a major piece of gun safety legislation debated in the senate since 1994. that was the last time we saw anything like what's happening right now, almost 20 years ago. the only gun m
to count votes on the manchin/toomey background check compromise. >>> and the republican-controlled house of representatives. >> is this bill what we wanted? no, no, is it what the nra wanted? no. but does it at least help in some small way? >> no. probably not. it doesn't. >> good day, i'm chris cillizza, live in washington, where the next step for gun legislation is a senate numbers game. nbc news political unit has confirmed that the majority support for the background check amendment that will be offered by toomey and manchin. but the bill is still short of the 60 votes it would need to be added to the larger package. joining me for our daily fix, is nbc capitol hill correspondent, kelly o'donnell. kelly o, give us the timing. this is the first amendment that will be offered. give us some sense of the timing of it and where this sort of head) >> yes you need a spread sheet or a calculator today to keep things going. what we expect is when the senate is back at 2:00, they may spend part of the afternoon talking about some of the substantive issues within the bill. you'll be seeing sena
put forth by joe manchin and pat toomey. the vote was 54 for, 46 against. it takes 60 votes to get a bill passed. president obama was joined afterwards by gabby giffords and families of newtown victims and delivered one passionate reaction to today's vote which roughly 40% of the american people believe in something, the senate failed to respond. >> all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. but this effort is not over. >> 90% of the american people support extended background checks and they couldn't get it passed in the representative u.s. senate. >>> let's again with the latest on the investigation up in boston into those bombings. nbc analyst michael leiter was director of the national counterterrorism center and clint van zandt is a profiler. all of this is a key related, battery pack, circuit board, news about the pressure cooker. a piece of it discovered. so much physical evidence and then the picture taken by the video surveillance camera at lord & ta are lo, we've confirmed, it's a picture of someone putting down a black bag, some sort of shopping bag, and
the roll. >> yesterday senators joe manchin of west virginia and pat toomey of pennsylvania announced a bipartisan deal on extending background checks for firearms purchases. the agreement would expand the checks to cover all commercial sales including gun shows and internet sales. the senate will vote on whether to move forward with gun legislation later today. the news briefing has just under 20 minutes. >> good morning. i'm going to be coming up some peoples don't you. i hope i don't -- let me just a good one to all of you and i'm very, very proud to be here with my good friend, pat toomey, for my sister state of pennsylvania, west virginia, we're side to side and come from states that have deep-rooted cultures, as you know, and we feel very strong in the. i also want to give special thanks to two people who are not here today who have been invaluable to the process and have worked from the beginning, trying to find common ground, and that is senator chuck schumer, my good friend, and my dear friend mark kirk. mark has been with me from the beginning, and has never left, and chuck
publicly that she will vote on the bipartisan -- she calls the manchin toomey bill a reasonable approach. kristen, with a good sunday afternoon to you, what else did senator rubio say about the current gun control legislation that's working its way through the senator? >> reporter: alex, he was asked to field a number of questions about why he opposes it, why he opposes the background check measure. you hard him give part of his response, because he believes it doesn't keep wens out of the hands of criminals. he also believes this is a constitutional issue. the national rifle association says they have made their point that expanding background checks will de -- >> the second amendment is a constitutional right, i didn't write that into the conversation, that's in there, and time that you're going to do anything that inflicts on constitutional rights should be very, very high. if someone can produce a law that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals but protects the rights of law abiding citizens and don't infringe upon those rights, i would consider them. >> reporter: senator rubio's c
with sensible background checks -- and i thank senators manchin and toomey so much, so much for their work on this -- and we can do something about straw purchasers and we can do something about making our schools safer which i am pleased to say i wrote the legislation that's in the underlying bill before us, we can do a few of these things, it would be a big step forward. do i want to see more done? yes. do i want to see the ban on scopes reinstated? i do. but i do feel we are at a point in time where we may be able to get something done that matters. now, i think we ought to look at mass shootings in the last 30 years. first of all, 40% of mass shootings have occurred since 2006, so if you go back 30 years, you see 40% took place since 2006. according to the "washington post," in 2012 alone, 175 people were killed or wounded from mass shootings. people who shouldn't get these weapons are getting these weapons. people with severe mental illness are getting these weapons. we know that. today we got to see in the democratic caucus lunch a heroine, someone who was unbelievable, gabby gifford
checks since 1994. and there's no gun registry. and the bill that manchin toomey legislation specifically prohibits keeping any of that information that you give in a background check specifically prohibits it. it is a great big lie. i'm telling you, this was a test. this was a test. the united states senate to be worth keeping the lights on and i think they prove that they're. >> no send the whole bunch of them home. 1-866-55-press. let's make one other point here. four democrats voted against this. and shame on them. we'll tell you who they were next time. but you gotta blame this mainly on the republican party. 90% of republicans voted against it. republican party decided to take a stand and they're going to take a stand with the nra and not with the american people. disgusting. 1-866-55-press. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show." (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything. you know who is coming on to me now? you
-term. you see pat toomey sticking his head out a little like what's going to happen when he's up for re-election in pennsylvania. over the next few years that some of the republicans who have been a little soft for the gun lobby here, who are going to get challenged from the right. who are going to take flack from the right. but who are also going to run in general elections and use this to their advantage. this is that image that you guys have up of pat toomey and mansion is going to be his re-election commercial in pennsylvania. where ed rendell for years ran successfully against the nra. >> even then i was talking to some democrats who were praising pat toomey, in fact maybe that was a bad thing to do. because -- >> if pat toomey gets beaten in a primary like this that will stiffen the spine of every republican to never touch this thing again. >> pat toomey invented the primary from the right, so that would be the final irony. >> is there ever such a thing as the final irony? >> that would be it. >> bob, i want to ask, ben touches on this. this is a long game and not a short game. bu
. what the manchin-toomey would do is say, all of those, too, would have background checks. what's wrong with that? >> do you want the background checks? the background check system doesn't work because it's not being enforced. number two, is criminals don't care about the laws we pass with regards to guns. they don't follow the law. that's why they're criminals. here's the bottom line. i think everyone's in favor of any law that could keep criminals or dangerous people from getting access to guns. the problem is all these laws that people are discussing will not effectively deal with that problem. but will infringe on the second amendment rights of law-abiding citizens. so, what we need to look for is a compromise that actually accomplishes that. that does not infringe or place additional burdens on law-abiding citizens. and in fact, is effective at keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people. that begins by enforcing it. are we going to prosecute people that fail to buy the guns and background checks? they're not prosecuting those right now. are we going to honor concealed carry
will ask our experts. joe manchin of west virginia, democrat, republican pat toomey of pennsylvania on the deal that nobody loves but enough people might embrace and one promising new face is all in. florida's marco rubio on whether he can coax fellow conservatives in to supporting immigration reform. i'm candy crowley. and this is state of union. secretary kerry met with japanese leaders and urged north korea to bring their nuclear rhetoric to a peaceful end. >> hopefully north korea will hear our words and recognize that for the future of its people and for the future stability in the region as well as on the peninsula itself there is a clear course of action that they are invited to take. >> joining me now arizona senator john mccain. senator, when you put this in context of the history of north korea with the grandfather kim jong-un, with the father of kim jong-un, can you tell me whether this is more serious, less serious? i mean, how do we view this? >> i think it's probably more serious because of their increased capability. but you're right, this has been going on for decade
toomey was the co-author with joe manchin of that compromise. and he also, from an nra gun-owning, hunting state, west virginia. what is the effect on pat toomey? and will you help him politically, if he is punished for his role in this? >> well it's hard to tell. in terms of the political analysis. i'll leave that to the political scientists, but i was grateful that both joe mansion and pat toomey worked together on one of these issues, the background measure. if that had passed, that would have been significant progress, but i would argue, not nearly enough. because until we have these weapons that should only be used on a battlefield in war. until we get those off the street and until we have a limitation on the number of bullets that one individual can shoot at one time, we're unfortunately going to have tragedies like newtown and other tragedies we've seen over a long period of time. i think the question for me or any united states senator is the following -- have i done enough, by my votes and by my actions to substantially reduce the likelihood that this tragedy or s
the machin-toomey amendment which calls for expanded background check for gun buyers. still no final vote. the house gavels in at 10:00 a.m. for speeches, general speeches this morning, legislative work will start at noon with preliminary work to begin debate on a bill encouraging private companies to share information about cyberthreats. you can see the live on c-span. and now life to the senate floor here on c-span2. the presiding officer: the senate will come to order. the chaplain, dr. barry black, will lead the senate in prayer. the chaplain: let us pray. o lord god of hosts, we found your words, and they caused our hearts to rejoice. thank you for your abiding presence and for the illumination of your wisdom. inspire our lawmakers. make their spirits great enough for these challenging days. upon the frenetic pace of their day, drop the dew of your kindness. bless the members of the legislative staffs who labor with diligence into the night. again, lord, we ask you to sustain the victims of the boston bombings. bring healing to those who were injured and solace to those who mourn.
by democrat joe manchin and republican pat toomey to expand background checks to purchases made at gun shows and over the internet. kim, the president just said it's not about politics, but is it? what are the politics here? >> i think what the way you need to look at this, stuart, is what this bill, what is on the floor of the senate now is answering whether politics of gun control has changed. the white house made an enormous bet that it had and it was their plan to put out an aggressive plan for gun control and lambaste them and use outrage against republicans if they stood in the way. what happened, most of the president's proposals things like the all the weapons ban, have been stripped out by the president's own party. and what many of the senate democrats realized the politics haven't changed and these could be a career ending vote if ne gothey go along with, not just because the voters don't like it, but unconstitutional because of the recent supreme court ruling in heller. >> stuart: dan, where are we on the gun control issue? >> i think what i make of it, i think it's entirely poss
virginia and pennsylvania's republican senator pat toomey. the national rifle association launched new ads against the legislation, arguing that it limits the rights of law-abiding citizens. meanwhile, the nra was criticized for sponsoring a nascar race in texas today, which culminates in a pistol wielding celebration. connecticut senator chris murphy asked fox not to air the race, but the event will go on as planned, as does the emotional debate over guns. >> please help us do something before our tragedy becomes your tragedy. >> reporter: now, it is nine in ten americans supporting background checks for firearm sales, one poll found that's more popular than baseball and apple pie. lester? >> kristen welker at white house. as we said, we have learned exclusively tonight that a key republican senator now says she will vote for expanded background checks. nbc's kelly o'donnell is in washington with details on that. kelly, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, lester. i spoke with maine republican senator susan collins today, who said she had not told anyone abt her plan to vote yet, unti
, with me tonight are democratic senator joe manchin and republican senator patrick toomey. [ applause ] they both worked very hard together to bang out a bipartisan agreement. these men risked everything for this bill. i mean, senator manchin represents west virginia and he's proposing gun reform? he's going to lose his job. [ laughter ] and senar toomey, this man is a republican who is willing to make just the slightest compromise on gun control? he's going to lose his job, too. but that's what it takes to achieve compromise. so why don't you tell the folks at home what you've accomplished. >> we'd rather not. >> oh, no, go ahead, tell them. >> well, first of all, most americans agree that we need stricter background checks. if our bill passes, no individual can purchase a handgun from a private dealer without being asked, are you a good person? so the follow-up question -- seriously, are you? >> we're also hoping to limit the amount of ammunition you can carry in magazines. we did not do that, though. >> we have agreed to limit the number of guns you can shoot at once to two. >> mm-
and pat toomey expands background checks to gun shows and internet sales and expected to come up for a vote midweek. >> we're discussing with colleagues on both sides. we've got bipartisan support. >> reporter: but there's bipartisan opposition too. >> today's problems are tomorrow's loopholes. >> we're talking about background checks as if criminals won't get them because they have to go through a background check. >> reporter: maine's susan collins the first republican to come out publicly telling nbc she will back that manchin/toomey gun control plan. she's aware that a lot of people back home may not. >> tracie potts, thank you. >>> today is tax day and that includes everyone even the obamas. the white house releasing the president's 2012 tax returns and the commander in chief took a little bit of a hit. mr. obama and first lady michelle made more than $600,000, about $80,000 less than 2011. the drop in income is largely thanks to smaller earnings from the president's books. returns show the first couple paid 112,000 if federal taxes giving them an effective tax rate of 18.4%
are backing this manchin/toomey amendment. remember, this is the compromise that democrat joe manchin and republican pat toomey came up with, expanding background checks to gun shows and internet sales, hoping to bring the two parties together. and, in fact, there are a handful of republicans, john mccain seems to be among them, who have decided to vote in favor of this. there are also a couple of democrats from conservative states who have decided to vote against it. and a few in the middle who are undecided or unannounced. and that is why we don't know exactly how this vote may go. but it looks like it's very close, but iffy. this was supposed to be the one part of the gun-control measures that actually had a chance of passing, assault weapons and others up for vote today likely won't. it came after an impassioned plea from former congresswoman gabby giffords and husband, mark kelly, and one of the things that they said, meeting behind closed doors with democrats yesterday was, if you're from a conservative state, if you're up for re-election, and this is not looking good back home,
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: on gun control, the deal worked out by republican joe manchion and toomey will talk about internet sales and gun shows. >> we're working it and discussing with colleagues on both sides that we have bipartisan support. >> reporter: there's bipartisan opposition, too. >> today's carve outs are tomorrow's loopholes. >> we're talking about 3wr0u7bd checks as if criminals will no longer get guns because of background checks. >> reporter: compromises on the table but still plenty of debate. some of that talking seems to have convinced at least one republican named susan collins. she says despite the fact that people in her state may not agree with her, she has now come out publicly saying she will vote yes on that gun control package. the first republican to do so. she calls it a reasonable approach. betty. >> all right. a busy week there. thank you. >>> savannah guthrie, want to tell but this programming note, she will have an exclusive interview with president obama on gun control, immigration and other issues. that is tomorrow morning on "today." >>> late last night a former bus driver beca
background checks for guns. joe manchin and toomey explain. >> if it can reduce the likelihood of criminals and mentally ill people from getting guns and we can do it in a fashion that does not infringe on the second amendment rights of law abiding citizens, we should do it. >> if you're going to go to a gun show, you should be subjected to the same checks as if you went to a gun store. >> the vice president is not helping set a bipartisan tone by comparing gun rights activists to the black helicopter crowd. >> now, the nra is engaging in a campaign which is -- i'm not unaccustomed to of disinformation to try to scare people. they say, quote, we, the federal government want to put every private firearms transaction right under the thumb of the federal government and keep all those names in a massive federal registry. kind of scary, man. black helicopter crowd is really upset. >> greg, what do you think? >> how racist is he? black helicopters? why do they have to be black? is he insin 00 lating black helicopters are crazy because they're black? impeach him and obama. if you disagree with a l
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